Penis Grigio: New IPAD cartoons

The difference between previous collections of my cartoons and  these is that they were assembled over many years, while these here were all drawn within a very short period.

The other big difference is that previous cartoons were made with pen and inks, watercolour, cold coffee, Xerox, whiteout, conte pencils, collage, scissors and scalpel. My earliest cartoons, rather rudely addressed to my friend, the producer, David Puttnam, were drawn with a fountain pen with Parker ink (no relation) and they have now faded drastically, over forty years, to an indecipherable Leonardo sepia — much to Puttnam’s relief.

In contrast, all the drawings here were drawn on the iPad, which accounts for the sudden burst of industry. No more spilling ink or murky watercolour wash over the dining table. And, previously, I never had the nerve to get out the Winsor & Newtons in the pub. But now all that has changed. With the relentless advance of modern technology, an entire drawing can be made whilst simultaneously digging into a cottage pie.


All cartoons © Alan Parker